Security in online casinos

Is there any way to feel safe when playing in an online casino? Unfortunately, this is a very frequent question when we want to start the adventure of investing our money.

Because all of us want to be sure that we are not falling into traps or scams when it comes to money.

• We need to feel confident that if we win, we will receive our prize.

• And if we lose, we have the certainty that it was by chance.

• We need to be confident that our information and privacy will be kept safe.

All operators adhere to legal and technical requirements established by the entity to guarantee users a safe experience. This is how they obtain their licenses and the opportunity to be part of this growing market.

Remember, so that you can have fun without worrying and enjoy your winnings, it is very important that you only play on authorized pages. This is because in addition to providing you with security, they offer you support to play responsibly.

Main indicators of safe online casino gaming

There are certain signs that can help you avoid falling for a scam. Do you want to know what they are? Then, take into account the tips we will give you to identify on which website you can safely play poker, blackjack and slots.


One of the elements representing a safe indicator in online casinos is a good review of the site. For example, having reviews or opinions from other players who have gone through the experience.

Authenticated page certificate

All online casinos have an authenticated page certificate. Each browser will give you the opportunity to check it differently. It can appear as a green padlock (with the URL starting with https:, not http) or a sign indicating correctly. If you do not have this mark, you would be putting your electronic equipment, time and personal data at risk.

Responsable Gambling


One of the requirements to obtain a gaming license in Canada is that the casino uses the Random Number Generator. This system guarantees the fairness of the game. It is a system audited by specialized companies independent from the casino.


The casinos and betting houses must obtain the corresponding licenses (UK gambling commission, Kahnawake and Malta). Check that it has the seal of each country that accredits the page as homologated. Somewhere on the main page, it must have this certificate according to the regulation of each country in which it is operating.

Terms and Requirements

Before taking a step, they inform the clients. All the conditions are perfectly explained on the casino page. It is a perfect way to get their attention.

Payment Methods

The payment methods must be secure. An online casino does not have only one payment method. It has several. It is the customer who chooses the one that best suits him, and he wants to explore.

Deposit and withdraw limits

They have an established minimum withdrawal. It is usually between 10 or 30 C$. You must be clear about this step to determine if you will be able to withdraw your money easily or not in case of winning.

Transaction transparency

The commissions will be visible and clear. Online casinos or bookmakers usually keep a commission for their services. They can be higher or lower, but in any case, necessary. Accessing the platform or transferring a withdrawal or deposit will have a minimum percentage to cover some expenses.

Responsible Gaming

responsible gaming text

Online casinos are only for persons over 18 years of age, and a sign indicating this must also be visibly displayed. The website must also contain the recommendations for responsible gambling in which all the aspects related to gambling as well as the negative consequences it may have are detailed. The website must also specify the privacy policy with the data of the people who register. It is not essential, but it is advisable that the company is based in Canada so that its laws directly govern it.

Online service

The quality of customer service cannot be ignored either. If an online casino does not allow you to contact them for real customer service, then you should discard it from your list. When referring to this, it is very important that you can answer any of the doubts you have as a gambler. If you have no way of knowing if there is online attention, ask about information in specialized forums. Although it may seem like a difficult task, it really is not. You just have to make sure you follow all the previous recommendations in order to identify the most reliable online casino in your area.