How to choose the best slots game

As there are so many slots online, it is not easy to stop and think about which ones we want to play and what we should take into account to find slots that we personally like.

Nowadays, there is a great variety of slot games. There is something for all tastes and colours. Software providers are aware of their popularity and design slots with the aim of satisfying players’ needs. However, faced with such an offer, some people wonder how to choose the best slot game.

Slot games are very popular among gamblers all over the world. This fabulous invention is attributed to Charles Fey.

Charles Fey historical photo
Charles Fey

This American devised in 1895 a machine with a system and mechanism very similar to the one we know today. Soon after, however, it was absorbed by the H.S. Mills company. In a few decades, the popularity of slots was a reality, and in the first years of 1930, H.S. Mills sold more than seventy thousand units. It is estimated that they made a profit of 20 million dollars. This is not an insignificant figure, especially if we take into account that we are talking about the thirties.

Below we give the main aspects to pay attention to when choosing an online slot.


There are thousands of different themes in slots games, and they are very relevant in the development of the game, especially in the user experience.

You can find Ancient Egyptian themes, mythological themes, sports themes, music bands, movies, Marvel and DC comics, Warner Bros and Universal Pictures movies.


We must also take into account not only the fact that a game is fun and makes us have a good time but also the prizes. So check the payout potential of the slot you are betting on.


Of course, in these games, there is no guarantee of profit. However, the larger your bets, the greater the risk of loss and the greater the potential winnings. Take into account the RTP.

Check the Volatility

Do you prefer bigger and longer payouts or smaller and more constant payouts? If you can’t decide, you also have slots with medium, medium-high or medium-low volatility. The Random Number Generator governs and moves the reels of the slots, which ensures a random and fair game.

six slots online to choose

How to win at slots

Once we have chosen the slots that pay the most, everything is in our hands, and our way of playing will influence the level of our winnings. Here are tricks to win playing slots.

1. Find out about welcome bonuses and promotions to play with bonus money.

2. Take advantage of free spins.

3. Use no deposit bonuses. These bonuses are risk free, since your investment is 0.

4. You discard slots. This way, you optimize your selection.

Of course, this is simply a way to take advantage of our possibilities, and we should not take these indications as ways to win money playing casinos online. Casino games are a form of entertainment, and we should play responsibly and safely. Now that we know a little bit more about how to choose winning slots, it’s your turn, my friend!