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Crafted Artists Bios

Jayne Cornelis
150Orange Frit Sculpture
Glass is both tactile & visual. I can neither conquer nor control it. I can just learn to work with it. I love Process. It helps me destruct my final thoughts and recreate it to become what I want to portray. A specific set of rules that are made, then bent, broken and changed.

I take with me the main influences in my life, family and nature. I like to bring memories from my childhood and create quirky pieces. Or look deep into nature and make big bold statements. My work does not fall into one category it spans many.

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Donna Andreychuk
Donna is interested in creating representational symbols in abstract settings, and simplifying these iconic symbols to the point of abstraction. The larger studio works are inspired from plein air sketches, from photography, but mostly from memory. The subject is becoming less important and the focus is more about expressing how the landscape feels. Donna’s work can be described as landscape inspired abstract expressionism.l.
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Ingrid Connidis
ingrid connidis 150
Canadian artist, Ingrid Connidis, began to paint in 1995 while living in Aix-en-Provence, France during a sabbatical year from the University of Western Ontario where she is a Professor of Sociology. Trying her hand at painting was a long-time passion and those early efforts in Aix sparked an ongoing enthusiasm for painting, especially in oil and, less often, acrylic. She had her first solo exhibit at The ARTS Project in March, 2012 where she displayed a variety of her paintings (landscapes, still life, homes, trees and animals). Those familiar with her art often describe it as happy or whimsical, no doubt a reflection of her outlook when she is at the easel.
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Tim Cosens
upload-At Kilally Meadows, Horizon
Tim lives and maintains a studio in London, Ontario, Canada. He finished his formal arts training at H. B. Beal Technical School and graduated from this locally renowned arts program in 1978 receiving first prize for the highest standing in drawing. London, Ontario, especially from the years forward of 1980, has maintained a vital and experimental arts community, this climate of forward thinking has formed a strong backdrop towards Tim’s research as a painter who maintains an interest in many international, historical, and contemporary developments within the visual arts. His own work through the years has become increasingly disciplined towards showing simplicity within complexity by looking at the nature of phenomena as seen in the parkland and rural sites of London and Southwestern Ontario.
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Scott McKay
Scott McKay Candle Holder SAF
As a formally trained artist blacksmith I am often confronted with the prospect of shoeing a horse. I like horses and I prefer to keep it that way so I do not engage in the shoeing of horses. My work ranges from bottle openers to large scale public art. I work on varied commissions for clients that include furniture, railings, metal trees, knives and pure sculpture. I have a degree in geography which provided a seed interest in our Country and provides a continuous propellant to seek more. Furthering my experience in metal art is a priority and exploring new and traditional methods keeps my focus.
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Sarah Legault
upload-Sarah Legault
Sarah Legault (London, ON) is an award winning filmmaker, director, producer, animator, and writer; recently winning an award for Best Animated Short Film at the 2014 Toronto Independent Film Festival for her stop-motion animation Dear Love. Since 2005; She has won 10 awards for her unique custom motorcycle paint work; which has been featured across North America (on TV, in magazines, and on the cover of an American newspaper). Sarah specializes in illustration, animation (stop-motion and 2D) doll making, painting, as well as curating large multi-media shows in London, Ontario. Sarah likes to keep busy.
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Gabrielle Nowicki
Gabrielle was born in Enfield UK, but raised in London, Ontario and Komoka, Ontario. She earned her BFA from Western University and has exhibited, sold and published her work internationally. In 2003, she attended Fanshawe College, and received a certificate in “Web Stuff.” Upon graduation, she landed knee deep into co-owning a community newspaper where she did everything from building the website, ads and subscriber database to writing two regular columns and reporting. Gabrielle now uses those skills as a freelancer in graphic and web design while also creating paper toys and making comics. She tries to draw daily and has been working on a new body of drawings.

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Dorothy Pilot
Over 30 years ago, Dorothy Pilot joined the Canadian Embroiders Guild. Her home is now filled with creations stemming from that membership. Dorothy lives in Campbellvale just outside of Delaware and for years she would drive in to London twice a month to attend various classes and workshops at the textile arts group.Some of Dorothy’s designs were selected by a Guild jury to be part of a year long tour across Ontario. Four years ago, at the young age of 88, she decided she could not drive to London anymore for the meetings. She is proud to have been affiliated with the fibre arts community and her work has given her tremendous joy.

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Selma Popovic
upload-flamengo dancer
Selma Popovic is a local artist and secondary school teacher who was raised and educated in Europe. After graduating with a degree in fine arts and teaching, Selma pursued a career in fashion design. The highlight of Selma’s fashion designing career is when she was chosen to design the uniforms for the 1984 Winter Olympic Games in Sarajevo. She discovered silk painting while on scholarship in Paris, France. Selma was immediately captivated by the wonderful colours and the extraordinary way that the dyes blended on the silk.
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Angie Quick
upload-3 pots
Angie Quick is a self-taught artist. She was a resident at the ARTS Project where she has had three solo shows: Ekstasis, Why We Pray Alone, and Gold Satisfaction. She creates visions of life through imbibed eyes, spilling out a body of work consisting in large oil paintings, drawings, sculptures, and painted vessels. Her works deal in an encyclopedia of symbolism, that is, beautiful women, an excess of flora, fabric, and a good deal of coupling. Angie Quick was born in Calgary, Alberta in 1989. She moved to Ontario in 2007. In 2010 Angie studied glass at the Haliburton School of Arts, Fleming College.

pink kiss glass-150penetration-150hole-150heart-150

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Steve Tippen

Canadian artist Steve Tippen is thrilled to be part of the CRAFTED sale.
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Simone Vojvodin

Simone’s hand-hooked rugs are best described as “paintings in wool” and she is thrilled to create vibrant and unique works elevating the humble rug to that of art. Often depicting her favourite subjects of landscapes and animals, Simone’s original designs vary from highly detailed realistic rugs to more stylized ones. Simone’s paintings and rugs have been featured in juried exhibits in Ontario and the U.S. and published in the books “Celebration of Hand-Hooked Rugs XXI, XXIII”.
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Richard Sturgeon
150-shoreline tree-14
Largely self-taught as an artist, Richard Sturgeon is a dedicated professional sculptor whose work has been exhibited in top level North American shows and competitions and can be found in many private and public collections the world over.

Flowing lines and a sense of motion define form and space in the artist’s work, exploring emotional connections, meditations and reflections on our place in the world. From handheld studies to large-scale installations, works in steel and stainless are accented with copper, stone, bronze, clay, and wood. Through deliberate employment of balance and tension the work simultaneously conveys an air of both weightlessness and grounding.

“The essence of my work lies in breaking form into its most basic and necessary lines, revealing the purist of attitudes and emotions of a sculpture. I’m drawn to the methods of sculpting metal, where sometimes harsh industrial processes performed on a cold and rigid medium can yield an air of elegance, softness and beauty.”
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Willow and Poppy

Willow and Poppy Studios feature the work of Louise Fagan and Gillian Wise, mother and daughter, who work, live and play creatively. Both share a passion for creating art in the studio and on the stage. Our one of a kind accessories and jewelry are inspired by our love of the arts, dance, music, history and books. These elements are woven into our hand-crafted pieces, each signature item created one at a time by us in our studios.
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Linda Yeoman
Living and working on a farm in Burgessville, Ontario, Oxford County, Canada provides artist Linda Yeoman with lots of inspiration. Linda has studied Fine Art and Basic Design at Fanshawe College in London and has studied in various art media over the years. Linda has an extensive background in floral design which has developed her interest in combining art and nature. She is most inspired by the beauty and shapes of gourds. Because each gourd has its own personality, it allows Linda to create one-of-a kind pieces of art.
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