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Couplets: a collaborative poetry reading series

Each episode of Couplets is a unique blend of dialogue, collaborative writing, and collaborative performance.

Couplets - Featured ImageCouplets is on a winter break but will return in March, 2018, for a full season of collaborations between London poets and Toronto poets, including E Martin Nolan, Jim Johnstone, Jess Taylor, Vincent Colistro, Stevie Howell, Aaron Kreuter, and more!

For more info on this event, future events, and how to participate in Couplets, visit

What is Couplets?

Two poets locked in mortal struggle and/or collegial mentorship. One established poet (the ‘anchor’) and one emerging poet (the ‘wildcard’). For an entire month, they’ve collaborated on this evening of alternating readings, response poems, renga, duets, live interview, writing exercises, shouting matches, elaborate period-costume satire, and general poetic tennis. For one night only, they present this collaboration to you. Live! In full colour and surround-sound! Admission is always free because your attendance is invaluable—but we will pass a hat for our poets so you can show that you value artistic labour in a cold, hard way.

Facebook: @CoupletsReadingSeries
Twitter: @CoupletsPoetry