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Betwixt & Between the Monsters We Dream


The Shadowood Collective presents:

Betwixt and Between the Monsters We Dream

February 6 – 17, 2018

Opening Night Event:
Tuesday February 6,  7 – 10 p.m.
Tickets can be purchased online or at The ARTS Project’s box office (519-642-2767)

Every year, in the deadest part of winter, The Shadowood Collective crawls out of the shadows and presents a stunning collection of dark art. Fine artists, filmmakers, fashion designers and musicians come together to haunt an opening soiree like no other! We are proud to present our 8th show in The Shadowood Collective series: Betwixt and Between the Monsters We Dream. Featuring a live performance by Sedative on opening night.

Artists Included (click here for artist bios):
Allen Williams, Troy Brooks, Martin Mercer, Anita Kuntz, Juliana Kolesova, Gary Pullin, Anthony Veilleux, Richard A. Kirk, Chris Elliott, Justin Erickson, Ryan Price, Vincent Marcone, Sarah Legault, Mark Thibideau, Paige Reynolds, Nidia Martinez, Jeremy Hobbs, FN Vegas, Neal Auch, Sara Deck, Steven Restagno, Melissa Panth, and Owen MacKinder.

Tickets: $13 in Advance, $15 at the Door, or $20 for VIP

VIP tickets include a new, limited edition glow-in-the-dark pin and a poster. Order your advanced VIP ticket now before they’re gone. Only 100 available.

Advance tickets also available for purchase at our 203 Dundas St. box office or by calling us at 519-642-2767  Visa MC Thumb transparent
Box office opens one hour prior to each performance to purchase tickets at the door.
Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. There is no late admission.


Participating Artists:


Allen Williams (Ocean Springs, USA)


Allen Williams (b.1965) is an award winning illustrator, concept designer and fine artist. From a young age a pencil and paper were an escape and refuge for Allen. Now nationally and internationally known, for over 25 years Allen has applied his talents to everything from illustration for gaming companies and book covers, to concept work for major motion pictures and television. His vision for such projects ranges from illustration to concept work and creature and character designs.

His personal work has a strong basis in reality but always flows into other worldly aspects. He primarily works in graphite, gouache and oils. Multilayered images arise in his work in which the fragility and instability of our seemingly certain reality is questioned. Allen’s drawings directly respond to his surrounding environment and he uses everyday experiences and objects as a starting point for many of his pieces. Often these are framed instances and objects that would go unnoticed in their original context. By choosing mainly formal solutions, Allen tries to develop forms that do not follow logical criteria, but are based only on subjective associations and formal parallels; these are meant to incite the viewer to make new personal associations within his work. His work can be seen online or in galleries across the United States, Europe and Asia.

Further exploring his creative side, his first book titled “The Witches’ Kitchen” that he both illustrated and wrote was published by Little Brown Books in 2010 with a German edition released in 2014.

Allen currently lives on the Gulf Coast with his wife, two children and dog. He is available for contract work, concept work and gallery showings.

A partial client list includes…
Guillermo del Toro
Legendary Films
Barnes and Noble
Lightstorm Entertainment
Little Brown Publishing
TOR Books

Troy Brooks (Toronto, ON)


B. 1972 in Ontario, Canada. Brooks first learned to draw by sketching the work of the great classic Hollywood photographers George Hurrell, Edward Steichen, Cecil Beaton, Ruth Harriet Louise and Clarence Sinclair Bull. The dramatic lighting and enigmatic pansexuality of those images are sunbaked into the visual themes of Brooks’ work. His disproportioned vixens and viragos with their burning interior dialogue are widely recognized on the contemporary art scene and have been shown on three continents.

Martin Mercer (Los Angeles, USA)


Martin entered the film industry as a young special effects trainee on Jim Henson’s Labyrinth in UK. Whilst working on Little Shop of Horrors and Indiana Jones 3, he demonstrated an aptitude for modeling and finishing work.

The prosthetic and creature field beckoned soon after with work at then top UK Make-Up FX company Image Animation, based at Pinewood Studios. Martin later relocated to Los Angeles to assist in setting up a US division of the company. In further pursuing his passion to the art, Martin had the opportunity to collaborate with Clive Barker on storyboarding his film Lord of Illusions.

As of today, Martin continues to contribute to cinematic storytelling and visual design worldwide for some of the top directors, writers and studios in the film/tv industry.

Annabelle 2
Power Rangers Suicide Squad Paranormal Activity 5 Entourage
300: Rise of an Empire
The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Project Almanac
I, Frankenstein
Iron Man 3
Silent Hill: Revelation 3D
Alex Cross
Tomorrow, When the War Began Predators
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra
The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

Anita Kunz OC, DFA, RCA (Toronto, ON)


Canadian by birth, Anita Kunz has lived in London, New York and Toronto, and has been widely published in countries including Germany, Japan, Sweden, Norway, Canada, South Africa, Holland, Portugal, France and England.

Her work has been seen in Time magazine, Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, GQ, The New York Times, Sony Music, Random House Publishing and many others.

Articles about her work have appeared in Graphis and Novumgebrauchsgrafik magazines (Switzerland), Communication Arts and Step by Step magazine (USA), Idea, Illustration and Creation magazines (Japan), Applied Arts (Canada), Nuvo (Canada) and The Design Journal (Korea).
From 1988 to 1990 she was one of two artists chosen by Rolling Stone magazine to produce a monthly illustrated History of Rock ‘n Roll end paper.

She has produced cover art for many publications including Rolling Stone Magazine, The New Yorker, Sports Illustrated, Time Magazine, Newsweek Magazine, the Atlantic Monthly and The New York Times Magazine. She has also illustrated more than fifty book jacket covers.

Anita frequently teaches workshops and lectures at universities and institutions internationally including the Smithsonian and the Corcoran in Washington DC.

Her summer workshops have been conducted at the Illustration Academy in Sarasota Florida, and at the Masters of Art degree program at Syracuse University.

She has been honored with many prestigious awards and medals and her critically acclaimed paintings and sculptures have appeared in galleries world wide, including the Norman Rockwell Museum in Massachusetts and the Teatrio Cultural Association in Rome, Italy.

Her works are in the permanent collections at the Library of Congress, the Canadian Archives in Ottawa, the McCord Museum in Montreal, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome, and a number of her Time Magazine cover paintings are in the permanent collection at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington DC.

In 1987 she showed a collection of her works at Canada House in Trafalgar Square London.

In 1997 she had a one woman show at the Foreign Press office in New York City, in 1998 she had a solo show at the Creation Gallery in Tokyo, and the Society of Illustrators Museum of American Illustration mounted a mid-career retrospective of her work in the fall of 2000.

She has also had solo shows at the Govinda Gallery in Washington DC and more recently at the Art Institute of Boston and Massachusetts College of Art and Design. In the fall of 2003 she was the first woman and the first Canadian to have a solo show at the Library of Congress in Washington DC.

In 2000 she was invited to speak as one of The New Yorker magazine cover artists at the annual New Yorker Festival in New York and in 2001 and again in 2004, she was invited to speak at ideaCity, a think tank of luminaries from the fields of medicine, politics, science and the arts in Toronto.

In spring of 2007 Anita gave a presentation about her New Yorker covers at the prestigious TED conference in Monterey California.

From 2000 to 2003 she served on the Board of Directors of the Illustration conference. In 2004 she served as chair for the Society of Illustrators Museum of American Illustration annual exhibit and she has most recently served as chair of the Museum Committee there.
In 1997 she received the Les Usherwood Lifetime Achievement Award from the Advertising and Design Club of Canada and in 2016 she received a Lifetime Achievement Award from Applied Arts magazine in Toronto.

Anita has been named one of the fifty most influential women in Canada by the National Post newspaper.

She has received an Honorary Doctorate from the Ontario college of Art and Design in Toronto and a second from MassArt College of Art and Design in Boston.

She has been appointed Officer of the Order of Canada, Canada’s highest civilian honor, and recently received the Queen’s Jubilee Medal of Honor. She was inducted in the Museum of American Illustration Hall of Fame in New York in 2017.

Juliana Kolesova (Toronto, ON)


Born and raised in Russia, Juliana received a Master’s degree in fine art from the Moscow School of Applied Arts, where I also studied world History of Art and costumes. After graduating she began her career as a painter and her pieces were displayed and sold in numerous exhibitions throughout Europe.

After relocating to Toronto, Juliana began a new career as an artist and illustrator. Her artistic abilities have been recognized through numerous national and international awards for illustrations and photography.

Through her personal work, Juliana seeks to create enchanting, curious and captivating art, which stems from a certain emotional, historical or cultural approach. She seeks to balance real life with spiritualism, the elegance of classical art with modern vision. Juliana likes to experiment and play with elements melting on into another.

Juliana is always being influenced by her environment. She loves Toronto — the city of diversity where you can find pieces of nearly any culture, and from this, she gets inspired. There are few places in this world that so beautifully merge various ethnic traditions and backgrounds, along with this constant wave of new and contemporary elements.

She doesn’t believe art is often intentional. It is not bound to be any one thing, nor should it be described any one way. Juliana’s art, while having a certain idea behind it, is free to be interpreted on a very individual basis and does not necessarily fall under a specific description, nor is it destined to be any one genre of art.

Juliana believes that above all else, art needs to come from a place of honesty — it needs to be the most raw expression of self. And then of course, three other things make good art: technical skill, knowledge and its meaning.

Gary Pullin (Hamilton, ON)


A horror fan since he could stick a tape into a VCR, “Ghoulish” Gary Pullin has grown into a monster-making machine. As Rue Morgue magazine’s original art director, the London, Ontario- born artist created the famous look of the publication, which currently hosts his art column, The Fright Gallery. In 2009, Gary was voted Artist of the Year in the Rondo Hatton Awards. Now a full time creature creator, his colourful signature style has graced numerous magazines, books and movie posters.

He’s had his work featured in galleries across North America, created highly sought- after screen-prints for the likes of Mondo and Skuzzles, album covers for WaxWork and Death Waltz and created key art for various films, including Grabbers, Birth of the Living Dead, Why Horror? and The Babadook. Both Gary and his art will be seen in the upcoming documentary Twenty-Four by Thirty-Six.

Anthony Veilleux (London,ON)


Born in the late sixties into an Air Force family in Quebec, Canada as the last of six kids to an amazing pair of supportive and creative parents. Change was the order of the day and adventures were always welcome. Anthony found his creative juices early on entertaining himself with efforts at drawing on used computer punch cards his Mom brought home from work, painting along with William Alexander on PBS tv, making plasticine dinosaurs and aliens with tin foil armatures for stop motion epics (with the family super eight camera), making monster mask sculptures on styrofoam wig forms and fake bloody aftermaths of destruction with flesh coloured plasticine and morticians wax with syrup blood on the neighbourhood kids and himself.

His artistic pursuits found focus while attending Beal Art in London, Ontario in the late eighties and with an amazing stroke of being at the right place at the right time shortly after art school he landed an apprenticeship at Blue Dragon Tattoo in London, Ontario, (where he stayed for over 15 years) which has allowed him to make a comfortable living designing and applying tattoos, creating works of walking art, on a great many wonderful clients and now (ten years in) with True Love Tattoos in London has a schedule that allows even more freelancing in other areas of interest. His early work on such films as Ginger Snaps, George Romero’s Land of the Dead, Zach Snyders 300, a few of the Resident Evil films and Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim as a special effects make-up artist and sculptor are some of his proudest moments.

He has never stopped honing his skills with a multitude of mediums, styles and diverse techniques, being a part of the fine art world and showing in galleries with so many talented creative people helps fuel his creative ideas. His recent sculptures are an exploration of the beauty of the human and not so human form with a darker narrative, always enjoying both the final outcome and the journey to get there.

Richard A. Kirk (London,ON)


Richard exhibits internationally. Richard has illustrated works by Clive Barker, Caitlin R. Kiernan, Christopher Golden, China Mieville, the rock band Korn and others.

Richard’s work is drawn from an interest in the forms and processes of the natural world. He explores these themes through the creation of meticulous drawings, which often depict chimerical creatures and protean landscapes. Metamorphosis is an underlying narrative in all of Richard’s work.

Richard is the author of the novels, THE LOST MACHINE (Radiolaria Studios, 2010), and NECESSARY MONSTERS (Resurrection House, Arche Press, 2017), and a forthcoming short story collection (2018).

Chris Elliott (London,ON)

Chris Elliott is a London, Ontario based graduate of Sheridan College’s Illustration program and has been creating artwork in the video game industry since 2001 including such award winning titles as Thumpies, Burn the Rope, and the smash success My Singing Monsters.

Justin Erickson (Toronto,ON)


Justin graduated from Sheridan College’s prestigious Interpretive Illustration program in 2004. Working first as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer, Justin gained valuable experience in the industry which landed him a job at Rue Morgue Magazine as graphic designer creating gruesome graphics in 2007. It was at Rue Morgue that Justin’s love and interest in entertainment design flourished inspiring him to co- found Phantom City Creative in 2010. At the beginning of 2012 Justin
was promoted to Art Director of Rue Morgue Magazine. In addition to Phantom City and Rue Morgue, Justin works as a freelance illustration/graphic designer, puts together art shows and has been featured in numerous publication across the globe.

In 2012 Justin received two silver Key Art Awards for his poster for The Cabin in the Woods created for Mondo/Lionsgate Films in the categories of Best Illustration and Best Festival One sheet.

Ryan Price (Toronto,ON)

Ryan moved to the Guelph in 1991 after graduating from the technical arts program at BealArt in London. His focus for the most part has been in printmaking, specifically in the areas of drypoint and monotype. His works in these mediums have won several awards and have been viewed and collected fairly extensively. Over the past few years, while maintaining his printmaking practice, Ryan has begun to branch into other mediums and fields. In 2006 he had published his first illustrated book, an interpretive version of Edgar Allan Poeʼs The “Raven”.

Vincent Marcone (Kitchener, ON)


“My Pet Skeleton” is the pseudonym for the award- winning graphic artist Vincent Marcone. This curious- sounding epithet caught on, crept in, and slowly replaced his own name. As “My Pet Skeleton”, Vincent catapulted to early success when his work and online worlds caught the attention of David Bowie, Guillermo Del Toro, Clive Barker, and the Godfather of Goth himself, Peter Murphy. His particular approach to painting album covers, designing intricate online worlds, and directing
weirdo music videos has earned him awards from places as diverse as the Emmys, the Junos, and even a Cannes Film Festival nomination for his short film, “The Facts in the Case of Mister Hollow.”

Vincent developed his unique style by combining his affection for the 600-year-old art of intaglio printmaking with his love of computer graphics. Early in his studies he would scrape and etch and carve his images onto zinc plates of all shapes and sizes, then send them hurtling through antiquated hand-turned presses. This experience and love of an old world aesthetic is what sets him apart from other digital artists. He handles his digital paintings as he handled his etchings, focusing in on the line work and meticulously placing each pixel to convey a sense of mood and ambiance. Drawing from a personal library of over 500 original textures (each created with metal plates and hand-wiped inks), Marcone uses his computer to fuse together media of all sorts to create imagery that is part of a larger story. Vincent lives in Kitchener, Ontario where he is currently painting new pictures and crafting new tales.

Sarah Legault (London, ON)


Sarah is an award winning filmmaker, director, producer, animator, and writer. Her first stop-motion animation Dear Love earned the Best Animated Short Film award at the 2014 Toronto Independent Film Festival. Since then; Sarah has teamed up with Canadian electro-goth band Johnny Hollow to direct and animate their stop- motion music video Firefly, and recently co-directed and animated Canadian punk-rock band Billy Talent’s – Ghost Ship of Cannibal Rats. Since 2005, she has won over 10 awards for her unique custom motorcycle paint work and participated in about 50 group exhibits in Toronto, Berlin, Krakow, or Los Angeles. Sarah’s work spans illustration, stop-motion animation, doll making, painting, photography and co-curating multimedia shows; such as The Shadowood Collective.

Mark Thibideau (Toronto, ON)


Conventional teachings from music school, standard formula’s, and subsequent trends in music are what not to be expected from Mark Thibideau. These very factors are what inspired Mark to drive himself toward non- conventional approaches in working with sound; the result is a dedicated livelihood in free form exploration.

At the compassionate age of 13, Mark could be found in his small town Wallaceburg, Ontario basement programming music via an analog monophonic Korg, an early Ensoniq sampler, and accompanied by an Atari computer. Together with his brother Matt and friend Dawn Lewis they worked under the title Wax Bean Orchard through out their high school years. They garnered some local success playing small clubs and released their first CD “Rainbow Love Clay” independently.

Identifying with so many elements through out the decades of musical genres is what initially inspired Mark to write music. From the early electronic sounds of Detroit and Europe, Mark was influenced to compile his very own personality of sound.

With the live set/PA in its infancy, he was involved in a small electronic music scene in the early 90’s based in London Ontario. With fellow artists such as Pete Grove and Jeremy Caulfield, there was a buzz happening in southwestern Ontario. Not long after, he packed up his gear to set a precedence in Toronto and surrounding area. Live performance paved the way for a search of new excitement: Making an impression on the dance floor scene.

In 1999 he released his “Microdots” EP on Pete Grove’s Woodwork records. He also teamed up with his twin brother Matt and singer Dawn Lewis to form a collaboration called Repair.

Repair got involved with Germany’s Sub-Static Records and released “V-wreck”, “Holding Back Fears” and “Convenient Arrangements”. This “singer songwriter” trio carried very particular influences from different genres into their music. Repair had provided yet again more ground for Marks re-conceptualizing of musical aspirations.

With that, bringing Repair to perform at events such as Spain’s “Observatori,” and Montreal’s “Mutek” festivals – playing live with emerging new artists. More recently Mark has played for Toronto’s “Break and Entry” and the “Sound in Motion” festival. Using hardware synths, samplers and effects rather than laptops.

He has also released solo records such as “B-Films” and “Last Night” with Germany’s Sub-Static Records. The success from the “Last Night” EP led him to landing a spot on the BBC Radio “Blue Room” compilation. This included other artists such as the Orb, The Cure and Ladytron.

Mark has also been involved in mixing and producing other artists. Mike Huckaby’s “My Life With The Wave” record was recorded and mixed at his Repairlab studio in Toronto. His music has also appeared on Dj mixes by John Digweed, The Modernist and Jeremy Caulfield to name a few.
In 2010 Mark made a new partnership with Archipel records, producing a full length record called “Left Behind”.

Also in 2010, Mark and his brother Matt started their own record label called “Obsolete Components” to showcase the many sides of their music. The basis of this label is to release music using vintage obsolete synthesizers and rare recording equipment. They were recently featured in the famous documentary “I Dream of Wires”.

Over the years Mark’s sound is growing into new forms. His ambient project, Sedative, is an outlet to explore his sound without the use of standard 4 on the floor drum patterns and create more textural atmospheres. His “Soft Tension” record was released with Toronto’s Crime League Records in 2013.

He continues to work using analog and hardware synthesizers to bring unique sounds to his music.

Paige Reynolds (Toronto, ON)


Paige is a Canadian visual artist based out of Toronto, Ontario. She has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Guelph; she studied fine art at Sheridan College followed by 3D modeling and visual effects at Humber College.

Paige’s artwork is surreal, figurative, metaphorical and macabre. Her main influences include horror, the human condition, morality, literature, film, anatomy and the obscure. She works with acrylics, mixed media, photography, digital painting and photo manipulation. Paige has been involved in art exhibits in both Canada and the US, and her art has been featured in numerous publications and blogs.

Paige also applies her artistic and creative skills in the entertainment industry working as a motion graphics artist and visual effects compositor. She has worked on feature films, television series, documentaries, music videos and short films.

Along with illustrator/graphic designer Justin Erickson, Paige has founded a company called Phantom City Creative focusing on entertainment design for film, television and music. Paige has also created a jewelry line called Frills & Morbidity which can be found in various stores throughout Toronto.

Nidia Martinez (London, ON)


Nidia’s creativity started at a young age. She quickly learned how much she could do with just a pair of scissors and needle and thread. Discovering she had a knack for the apparel industry, Nidia decided to pursue fashion as a career. She graduated from the Fashion Design Program at Fanshawe College in 2006. After graduating she worked as an Associate Buyer, a role that included product development and technical design. In 2011 she became a part-time professor at Fanshawe College for the Fashion Design Program. Here she has been able to teach her specializations: Drape, Pattern Making, Technical Design, Apparel Construction, and Historical Sewing. All in the meantime Nidia has been involved in the art group “The Shadowood Collective” where she has been able to let her creativity run wild. This brought in networking opportunities with led to her working on costume/wardrobe for Jonny Hollow’s music video called, “This Hollow World” and costume/wardrobe for a film called, “Kingdom Come”.

Jeremy Hobbs (London, ON)

Writer, Director, Photographer, Musician

Jeremy Hobbs is a multidisciplinary artist, living and working in his hometown of London, Ontario. A graduate of London’s esteemed Bealart program, Hobbs specialized in the areas of film and photography, his photographic work being featured in countless exhibitions, the most notable of which are Diametric (2004), Incision (2005), Asylum (2006), Cirque de la Lune (2006), and Nebulous (2014). Hobbs is a member of the art group The Shadowood Collective, a cabal of cheerfully macabre regional artists (including Vincent Marcone, Richard A. Kirk, and Sarah Legault) who have curated and displayed in a variety of multimedia exhibitions, including A Curious Collection of Monstrous Tinies (2010), and Stranger! (2011).

A multi-instrumentalist, Hobbs has also been active in the Canadian music scene, collaborating with various notable musicians (such as Sebastien Grainger of Death from Above 1979 and Damo Suzuki of legendary krautrock group CAN). From around 2004-2006, Hobbs performed as a guest guitarist with London’s seminal noise outfit Nihilist Spasm Band, while simultaneously being featured in avant jazz musician Eric Stach’s Free Music Unit series. Hobbs is a founding member of improvisational group Exit 2012 (who have been featured in both the LOLA and Electric Eclectics music festivals) and Audioforge (a multimedia collaboration with blacksmiths Scott McKay and Jeff Werkmeister). Hobbs recently contributed liner notes to the Lion Productions’ reissue of Nihilist Spasm Band’s legendary first album No Record.

In 2009, Hobbs infiltrated the theatre community, as both playwright and director. His inaugural effort The Hero (2009) garnered the Brickenden Award for ‘Bravest Production’, and his subsequent production Neverland (2012) won the Brickenden Award for ‘Outstanding Original Script’, as well as a ‘Best Solo Performance’ award for lead actor Harry Edison. Hobbs’ theatre work examines the dark underbelly of contemporary suburban life, giving a voice to outsider characters that Nietzsche might have described as the “bungled and botched”. Hobbs is currently working on several new theatre pieces, to be staged by his production company The Black Room.

An avid cinephile, Hobbs’ musings and reviews have been featured in various publications, most prominently as a frequent contributor to the internationally acclaimed Rue Morgue magazine. Hobbs also works as a PR liaison, helping take care of celebrity guests during FanExpo and the Toronto International Film Festival. Throughout 2014, Hobbs maintained the ‘Cinephilia’ column for local arts and culture publication The London Yodeler. In addition to this, Hobbs also contributes programming to the Hyland Cinema, London’s only independent/repertoire theatre, where he hosts the monthly screening series Retro-Mania.

FN Vegas (Montréal, QC)


Music inspired her early work but it is her journeys, both external and internal, that now fulfill this role. Visual art is her preferred medium but her background is much wider, encompassing tattoo, music, theatre and design, driven by an all consuming obsession for all that is strange, extravagant and erotic.

She holds a diploma in Plastic Arts but her real education came from the eccentric people with whom she has spent time and the unusual experiences she has shared – both of which continue to influence her to this day.

In recent years, Vegas has developed a particular interest for cork, both for his symbolism and for its texture. She uses it as a canvas on which to transfer images created digitally. This natural foundation seems to complement the perfect clash between the bizarre and erotic nature of her subjects.

Her art has been exhibited and showcased in Canada and Mexico.

Neal Auch (Hamilton, ON)


Neal Auch uses arrangements of dead animal organs to create macabre images that explore his interest in the commodification of suffering, and the ethics of eating animals. Using still life, portrait, and abstract photography, Auch seeks to recontextualized the grotesque aspects of our daily life that are often hidden in plain sight. Auch’s work combines contemporary digital photography techniques with a visual aesthetic influenced by painters such as Goya, Caravaggio, Bosch, and Gericault. A self-taught artist, Auch adopted photography as his primary creative outlet in 2015, and his practice is informed by a background that encompasses punk rock, experimental music, transgressive literature, academic mathematics, and computer programming.

Sara Deck (Hamilton, ON)


Sara is a visual artist residing in Ontario, Canada. She studied Editorial Illustration at Sheridan College and now works as a freelance artist focusing on pop culture and surrealist art. In between projects, she can often be found on creating mysteriously creepy images in her spooky studio and sculpting the most peculiar little dolls.

Steven Restagno (Waterloo, ON)


Steven Restagno is an artist based in Waterloo, ON, Canada. He is an ongoing exhibiting artist at the Art District Gallery located in St. Jacobs and is currently enrolled in the fine arts program at the University of Waterloo. Born in 1997, Steven is young and ambitious, pursuing many artistic visions that combine both abstract and realistic approaches to painting.

Melissa Panth (London, ON)

Melissa Panth is a mixed media Canadian artist. Panth’s work has a recurring anthropomorphic theme, heavily influenced by her childhood. Panth was raised on a hobby farm, helping to care for many species of animals, as well as many acres of untamed woodlands. Inspired greatly by Beatrix Potter,
Grimm fairy tales and Jim Henson, Panth brings her youthful utopian fancies of the royal courts of talking animals and magical creatures into the dystopian present of adulthood.

Owen MacKinder (London, ON)