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Chaotic Collaborations


Invitation to Collaboration

A night of creative chaos

August 15 – September 2, 2017

"Reverse the Universe" 48" x 75" Acrylics, inks on canvas 2016 (created by Darryn Rae, Trevor Ritchie and Martin Rae)

“Reverse the Universe” 48″x75″ Acrylics, inks on canvas, 2016 (created by Darryn Rae, Trevor Ritchie and Martin Rae)

You’re invited for an out-of-this-world unique experience! Collaborate with artists in a variety of exciting projects on Saturday August 19 from 8 – 11 p.m.

Come out to see some wild and colourful paintings, group collaborations, mixed media works, origami, and interactive installations by local artists.

"Lips" 18"x24" Acrylics on canvas 2015 created by Darryn Rae, Trevor Ritchie and Dan Teolis

“Lips” 18″x24″ Acrylics on canvas, 2015 (created by Darryn Rae, Trevor Ritchie and Dan Teolis)

This exhibition features artwork by Darryn Rae, Trevor Ritchie, Dan Teolis, Martin Rae, Ryan Machan, Mike Hart, Samantha Shilvers, Craig Greenwood, Todd Bushey, and Katie Guild.

Attendees are invited to participate in fun and experimental collaborative art projects. Featuring the Human Walking Canvas and more! Get ready to #SLAPITDOWN and enjoy an amazing art experience.

Music by ANTRIM

Live painting by Darryn Rae (RAEART)

The ARTS Project’s regular gallery hours are Tuesday – Saturday between noon – 5 p.m. Admission is free.